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Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Tomato Fun........Let the Games BEGIN !!!!!!

Date: 5/15/11
Tomato Plants in Ground ……120 Total......79 Varieties in Competition with
EACH OTHER on merits of Taste/Production/Appearance/Plant Health.

Names in Alphabetical Order (one each unless otherwise noted) :


Amish Regular Leaf


Big Month (2)

Big Rainbow

Big Red

Big Salad (2)

Big Zebra

Black Krim


Brandywine P.L. (2)


Cascara Rendidorta (2)

CC Mistake (seed mixed)

Cherokee Chocolate (3)

Crnkovic Yugoslavian

Cuostralee Pink (4)

Cuostralee Red (5)

Dad’s Large Pink (2)


Earl’s Faux (2)

Early Love

Fedor’s Arizona T. (2)

Golden Queen

Goldman Italian American

Gold of China

Greg Park’s Orange Egg (2)

Hazelfield Farm (2)

Holmes Mexican


Kellogg’s Breakfast (3)

Kolb Pink

Latiana (2)

Ledioux Special


Lion’s Heart

Lucky Cross (2)

Ludmilla’s Pink Heart

Matt Di Imperio

Middle Tennessee (2)

Mountain Gold

Nicholajuna Pink

Pierce’s Pride

Pink Dessert

Pink Shipper (2)

Polish C.

Purple (2)

Radinlee (5)

Red Star (2)

Red Streak (3)

Red Striped Boar (2)

Ste. Pierre

Santa Clara Canner

Spartan Pink

Starling (2)

Stump of the World

Sugar Bison

Super Choice (2)

Sweet Meat (2)

Tappy’s Heritage (2)


Tennessee Surprise (2)

Tidwell German

Tiffen Mennonite

Tiger Tom (2)


Trucker’s Favorite

Turkey # 1

Urbikany (2)

Vinson Watt’s Large (2)

Weeping Charley

White Tomesol (2)


Wisconsin Gold

Woodle Orange


Yellow Slicer

Yellow Streak (3)

Zogola (2)